WCC Instructor Shows Work In International Competition


Staff Writer

Two Washtenaw Community College instructors will have their art pieces on display at ArtPrize, an international art competition involving more than 1,500 artists over 19 days in Grand Rapids.

Between the teaching classes at WCC and her lifelong passion for painting, Angela Pierro, a graphic design instructor, started to focus more on her full-time painting.

“It’s very exciting,” Pierro said. “It’s a nice way for a Michigan artist to be part of such a huge competition for artists around the world.”

According to Pierro, her work is inspired by a memory, a visceral response to an experience, place or time, all reflected through the exploration of the intangible phenomenon of color and light. Her entry at the competition is an oil on canvas, one of her largest pieces so far, five feet wide and seven feet high, called “Repose.”

Nicholaus Reszetar, a drawing instructor, is showing his work for the first time at ArtPrize. His pieces are a series of drawings, titled “100 Drawn Portraits: An Exploration of Identity.”

“Eighteen of the drawings I am creating as an exploration of the complexities of human identity,” Reszetar said. “I’m really enjoying my first run with ArtPrize. The venue I connected with has been great to work with and is right in the heart of ArtPrize, so lots of people are seeing my work.”

People from all over the country are expected to attend the event, designed to connect artists with potential buyers.

“It’s inspiring as an artist, be able to talk to people about ArtPrize, to see people taking pictures of your work, and wanting to talk about your pieces,” Pierro said. “When you finally show your work, it’s a nice way to feel that you’re on the right track, and you’re doing something that makes people feel certain ways.”